Rewiring the Brain

This exhibit is based on a year's worth of research of on a social issue that I am heavily passionate about. My goal was to educate and bring awareness to the stigma surrounding mental illnesses in the college space. Over the course of a year, I connected with an advocate at the ASU Counseling Services, conducted research on the topic, made numerous presentations to a panel on my project, and designed a process book detailing my solution to the problem. The culmination of these different facets led to my final presentation to the public in an end-of-the-year exhibit in Downtown Phoenix, bringing mental illnesses to light from a biological perspective. 

The different panels on the display are much alike something to a science center or exploratorium exhibit – each one shows a key neurotransmitter or hormone related to a specific mental illness, and how these chemical imbalances can affect the brain and the mind. 

The users were also left with a little takeaway pocket booklet called The Little Book of Balance, showing them how they can incorporate more mindfulness and meditation into their daily ritual, bringing more mental balance and stability to their everyday life. 


  • Campaign Branding
  • Exhibit Design
  • User Experience
  • Print